Build your own Business Directory

Find a niche and start selling listings for your own Business Directory. We will take care of the rest.

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Your Business Directory

This is how Directory.Studio helps you to start your Online-Business.

Modern Web-Technology

Your Business Directory will be build on modern Web-Technology that is fast and secure.

Listing Management

You can add and manage Business Listings easily. We help you to find the right Content for your Directory.

Sales and Payments

With innovative tools we support you in sales and billing to build your Business without hassle.


Create your Directory

You can publish your Business Directory on your own Domain. We will handle everything.


Add Listings

With our innovative Tools you will find easily the right target group for your Directory.


Create your Business-Model

Do you want to sell Premium-Listings or just want to earn money with Advertising?

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What is Directory.Studio exactly?

Directory.Studio is a web-based software that helps you to create your own Business Directory. It takes care about the complete technical stuff and gives you innovative tools for marketing and sales.

Can I use my own Domain?

Of course. For the time where you create your Directory, we will give you a free sub-domain, but you can add your own when ever you want.

How much does Directory.Studio cost?

To be honest: we have no idea at the moment. We just know that we only want to earn money, when you earn money with your Business Directory. We are sure we will find a fair way.

How can I earn money with my Directory?

We will give you the ability to earn money with different business-models. For example you can sell Premium-Listings or sell Advertising-Space.